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Military Gold Wire Braid ELG-0768

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Military Gold Wire Braid

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Details about some braids:

Gold Bias and Stand (B/S) Metal Wire Lace;

Gold Bias and Stand (B/S) Metal Wire Lace is used for military uniforms and decorative trimmings (B/S) Lace are available in Mylar, silk, metallic wire polyester. (B/S) Mylar Lace is for Christmas trees, not army or Royal Navy uniforms. These days many Royal regiments in the Commonwealth have adopted this pattern as well.

Granby style lace:

Granby style lace began to be used in both military and the civilians around the mid-18th century. Now also used in the British Army. It is available in Mylar, silk, metallic wire polyester.

Artillery Metal Wire Lace:

Artillery Metal Wire Lace became well-liked with the British Army in the 1740s, and in a little while became the usual pattern braid for the Royal ArtilleryMalaysia Police Aiguillette ELG-14. These days it is used in approximately every Artillery item in the British Commonwealth. Artillery gilt metal wire lace is made of highest quality. It is available in Mylar, silk, metallic wire polyester.

Double Vellum Gilt Metal Wire Lace:

Double Vellum Gilt Metal Wire Lace is used in many army and navy pattern of lace.  Double Vellum Gilt Metal Wire Lace is considered the standard pattern for the Royal Navy for over 200 years. And also used in the U.S. Army. It is available in Mylar, silk, metallic wire polyester.

Gold Metal Wire Russia Braid:

Gold Metal Wire Russia Braid is gilt metallic wire it has metal true spring to it, therefore looking like ‘real’ military decoration trim, used in low-grade high school theatre uniform braiding. Wool Russia Braid is used by cavalry regiments for trimming (knotting) the collars, cuffs, etc. of trooper tunics Are available in Mylar, silk, metallic wire polyester.

Others Braids, laces, tresses, trim, gallon:

Braids, laces, tresses, trim, gallon can be used For Military Reenacted Projects, Civil War, Army, Navy, Air force, Police Uniforms, Napoleonic Era British Commonwealth and U.S. Navy uniforms and decorative trimmings Royal Navy trouser seams, Royal Canadian Air Force trouser seams, American civil war uniforms, and Other Dress Uniforms

We make all uniform trimming, braids and laces,

Custom Design braids

Our team comprises of specialist individuals who are competently trained and industrially qualified to put forward the preeminent embroidery services. We are focused on providing excellent quality products at the most competitive prices for our clients.

We are well aware with all your needs, whether you are an international group or belong to medium or medium sized company, wishing to give your company a excellence products and want to serve you with our hundred percent effort.

E.Land Group Manufacturing Company meets with international values, and we have deliver orders across the worldwide.

To design custom braid we need:

1: braid specification (Color, material etc.)
2: braid dimensions (Length, Height, Width etc.)
3:  braid picture (if available)
4: Any other relevant details


Please send us your custom design requirements on to work on.

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